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VeeMed’s mission is deceptively simple: to provide healthcare facilities with a turnkey telehealth solution. But dig deeper to truly understand our vision. Our unwavering commitment to deliver exceptional specialty medical care at every patient touch point. Our relentless drive to develop and deploy state-of-the-art technology that creates a seamless physician-patient experience. Our steadfast promise to generate cost savings to healthcare facilities.

Telemedicine is critical to value-based care. VeeMed is critical to telemedicine.

With world-class training and vast development experience, VeeMed’s tech team is on the cutting edge of telemedicine and regulatory compliance, delivering up-to-the-minute data analytics, reports, and billing.

A Medical Director helms each specialty, ensuring that experienced, board-certified physicians provide compassionate, evidenced-based telehealth care to patients.

VeeMed’s dynamic team of healthcare professionals has decades of operational experience, unique workflows, and a secret sauce 24/7 availability that guarantees excellence in service.

Team Members

VeeMed’s management team are both visionaries and pragmatists. They, along with the rest of the team, are working tirelessly to actualize the promise of telemedicine while delivering world-class technology and services to healthcare facilities.

Ijaz Arif

CEO and Chairman

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Dr. Arshad Ali

Chief Medical Officer and President

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Dr. Shaji Skaria

Vice President of Clinical Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management

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Dr. Khursheed Haider

Vice President of Clinical Operations

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Abdul Rahim Khatri

Chief Technology Officer

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Mujahid Malik

Chief Financial Officer

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Zeeshan Hafeez

Chief Revenue Officer

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Edward Leer

Senior Vice President of Business Development

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Will Nevers

Senior Director of Sales

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Kevin Leal

Director of Global Alliances & Partnerships

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Junaid Qazi

General Manager MENA/MIA Region

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Talha Mahmood

Vice President of Business Development MENA Region

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Stacie Crain

Director of Telehealth Services

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Nabeel Saleem

Senior Product Manager

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Aylin Zafar

Director of Marketing

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Ahmed Hasan Siddiqui

Systems Engineer

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David McClain

Sr. Telehealth Implementation Engineer

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Tamoor Malik

Financial Analyst

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Nicole Ali

Telehealth Coordinator

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Stacie Hubbard

Telehealth Coordinator

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Stacy Jones

Telehealth Coordinator

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Dipa Banerjee

Revenue Cycle Specialist

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Moaz Razzack

Information Security Analyst

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Physician Advisory Board

Dr. Anwarul Haq

VP Neurology

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Dr. Shibu Skaria

VP Intensive Care

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Dr. Sunil Skaria

VP Nephrology

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Dr. Amir Allen Amiri

VP Home Health

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Dr. Junaid Kalia, MD

VP Clinical Strategy

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Advisory Board

Mike Palmer

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Naeem Zafar

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Haseeb Budhani

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Discover how VeeMed can transform the way you deliver healthcare.



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