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Creating your connection

VeeDoc forges the bond between your site and your telehealth provider while delivering a smooth, reliable experience. The zero-touch web-based application allows telephysicians to connect to your facility from any desktop computer. The iOS app enables doctors to make the link via their iPhones or iPads. Integrated HIPAA-compliant messaging lets hospitals and clinicians to share information and updates.

EZ Notes: Telehealth providers create HIPAA-compliant encounter notes that are easily shared.

Circle Zoom: State-of-the-art Circle Zoom functionality puts physicians in control with zoom-pan-tilt camera capability.

Radiology Reviews: The integrated PACs viewer allows physicians to view x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.

Multi-Party Video: Healthcare teams can have HIPAA-compliant consultations, and providers can communicate with family members.

Scheduler: Telehealth providers can effortlessly arrange their schedules to match their availability.

Discover how VeeMed can transform the way you deliver healthcare.



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