Maximizing Your Reach

The software powering VeeMed’s telemedicine carts enable you to fully leverage telemedicine to supply timely, comprehensive patient care.

Vee-Kart’s easy-to-use touch screen connects your facility to a VeeMed telephysician in three easy steps:
1-Choose a specialty
2-Complete the intake form
3-Tap “Submit”

VeeKart’s built-in cloud-based scheduler bypasses the need for a call center by matching your request to a VeeMed’s on-call telephysicians.

VeeMed OS powers VeeKart’s HIPAA-compliant audio and video communications capabilities.

VeeMed offers a fleet of VeeKarts that deliver unmatched mobility, valuable space savings, and lasting durability.

Anti-microbial work surfaces, smart wire management, and germ-resistant sealed peripherals support infection control.

Wireless connectivity and a long-lasting lithium ion phosphate battery boost the VeeKart’s operability radius.

VeeMed OS’ monitoring capabilities enable VeeMed’s Global Technical Support Center to keep tabs on VeeKart performance around the clock. TSC promptly alerts facilities to software, battery life, and equipment age issues. As a result, organizations can proactively resolve software and hardware hiccups, creating maximum ROI by ensuring that equipment is at peak performance for every patient encounter.

Discover how VeeMed can transform the way you deliver healthcare.



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