Operating System

Jumpstarting your communications

VeeMed’s world-class operating system supports seamless, HIPAA-compliant communication among on-site staff and telephysicians, while delivering critical information to administrative teams.



Supporting clinical care

Simple intake forms capture consult type, patient demographics, and patient disposition

HIPAA-compliant HD video with dynamic optimization adapts to available bandwidth on the fly, delivering optimal video quality

Multi-party calls enable easy telehealth consult requests and create opportunities for information sharing among clinicians, other healthcare team members, patients, and family members

One-way and bidirectional electronic medical record integration via HL7 ensures seamless encounter reporting

The intuitive chat feature boosts nurse-physician communication

Integration with PACS allows imaging and diagnostic tests to be relayed to the provider

Advanced analytical tools and benchmarks developed by VeeMed data scientists serve to identify opportunities for healthcare facilities to increase overall efficiency, quality of care, and cost savings.

Streamlining administrative operations

The user-friendly interface introduces cost savings by bypassing the need for a call center and scheduling clinicians for on-demand or pre-scheduled consults

Algorithms support demand and supply forecasting by analyzing prior utilization and then suggesting staffing and coverage levels to meet demand

Proprietary algorithms can fully automate specialist scheduling, allowing for quick response to call escalations, thus improving patient outcomes

Clinical and operational data points are captured for each telemedicine encounter, allowing for Tableau reporting

Post-consultation feedback tools coordinate with hospital experience data capture to boost HCAHPS scores

Data analytics provides insights that enable administrators to streamline workflows and maximize ROI

State-of-the-art encryption of patient health information ensures HIPAA compliance, and encrypted patient information on the platform is removed at the session’s end

Data capture supports HCFA 1500 claims billing

Discover how VeeMed can transform the way you deliver healthcare.



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