Everything you need to offer secure, reliable, and scalable virtual care


VeeMed is the first virtual care solution to directly address the needs of doctors, patients, and healthcare systems across the entire continuum of care.

Trusted by healthcare systems around the country


Finally, a better way to deliver world-class
virtual care

Before VeeMed, standing up a virtual care program was expensive, cumbersome and

It took 7 apps to conduct 1 telehealth visit. Endpoints were clunky, costly and complicated to
use. Security, reliability and scalability were always a top concern.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we created it ourselves.

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Designed to support the entire patient journey

Our founders, Ijaz Arif and Dr. Arshad Ali, MD, FCCP, launched VeeMed in 2016.

Their goal was simple:

Create the first turnkey telemedicine solution to address the needs of patients, doctors and healthcare systems across the entire continuum of care.

Today, VeeMed powers the virtual care programs of leading healthcare systems around the country.

Built to serve the real-world needs of physicians, patients and healthcare systems

When designing VeeMed, we didn’t just consult with practicing physicians, nurses and healthcare administrators.

We invited them into our design process to develop features that make their jobs easier, faster and more efficient.

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Features that simplify virtual care

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HIPAA-compliant HD video, audio, and chat

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Automatically adapts to your bandwidth to deliver optimal audio and video

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Our solutions can easily be deployed across the entire healthcare system

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Advanced protection

Two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption

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Get a physician on the line in less than 3 minutes (no call center required)

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Effortless EMR/EHR and PACS integration

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One-click translation

Built-in interpretation services for 40+ languages, including ASL

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Multi-party video

Invite translators, other specialists and family members to the call

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Built-in clinical workflows

Automate and support your policies and practices

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Easy to use

Once installed, training your team to use VeeMed takes only 20 minutes

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HIPAA-compliant collaboration, notes and messaging

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Unlike other solutions, VeeMed can be customized to your needs and goals

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Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards

Named 2020 North American Telehealth Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

There are a lot of telemedicine companies out there.
We’re different.


Today’s top healthcare systems need a virtual care solution that will support their patients throughout the entire continuum of care.
That’s why we designed VeeMed to offer more than just powerful technology, talented subspecialists and easy-to-use hardware.

Going beyond telemedicine to offer Virtual Care as a Service


VeeMed is the first end-to-end virtual care solution to address the needs of patients, providers and healthcare systems at every stage of the patient journey.

We provide everything healthcare systems and remote physicians need to stand up a world-class virtual care program.

When we say “everything” we mean everything


VeeMed empowers you to automate scheduling, streamline clinical workflows and rapidly connect providers and patients — plus so much more.

Our solutions work across the entire continuum of care. From prevention to treatment to end-of-life support. VeeMed supports patients and providers at home, in the hospital and everywhere in between.


Making virtual care better — and more affordable


Save per service line

Up to $1,500,00 annualy

Reduce readmissions

by 15%

Reduce transfers

by up to 40%

Additional VeeMed benefits:


Reduce clinician burnout by giving your team a fast, intuitive platform that actually works

Improve HCAHPS scores by offering patients a better healthcare experience

Bypass your call center with our integrated on-demand scheduling tools

Drive efficiencies with optimized clinical protocols that let you do more with less

Increase patient volume by augmenting your on-site staff with our team of virtual specialists